Guardian Angels

Today is the Feast of the Guardian Angels. Let’s each thank the angel God has given us and be more mindful of our angel’s presence, whose job is to “light and guard, to rule and guide” us throughout our lives.

See Psalm 90:11, Matthew 18:10, and paragraph 336 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church for references to angels who protect us.

At Mass this morning, Father told of his adventure earlier this week when using a chainsaw to cut down a tree. He was trying to have the tree fall to the right, where it would land at the foot of other trees. His chainsaw broke (which Father later viewed as a blessing of protection from his guardian angel) so he borrowed one from somebody else. That person stayed with Father, which is part of the blessing. The tree began to fall to the left — toward the house and Father and the chainsaw. The neighbor was able to see what was happening and warned Father. That was surely a part of the blessing of protection. As Father was trying to collect the chainsaw so it wouldn’t be damaged, and hurrying to get himself out of the way, the tree amazingly changed course! Instead of falling left onto the house, or right into the other trees, it fell at a place in between — which was where Father had actually wanted it to go but didn’t think he could make it do so! He was very thankful to God for giving him his guardian angel and thankful to his angel for the protection. He told the children and adults at Mass this morning that he has grown in appreciation of his guardian angel more in his adult years than when he was a child, and this is just one example.

Do you have a story to tell about your guardian angel? Have you thanked your angel and thanked God for giving you a personal guardian?


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