Another bishop teaches about voting responsibly

Not all bishops fulfill their responsibility to shepherd their flocks by teaching the principles of our faith. Here is an example of one bishop who does try to live up to his calling, even when a sensitive subject is involved:

“Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix has published the second edition of his “Catholics in the Public Square,” a booklet available nationwide outlining the privilege and duty of Catholics to engage the social and political sphere in light of their Catholic faith. …

Parishes througout the diocese of Phoenix will receive over 100,000 copies of the booklet, including 7,500 Spanish copies. …

He warns that the infamous, “‘I am a Catholic but…’ syndrome” cannot interfere with the integrity of life lived according to faith. …

Bishop Olmsted also addresses the areas of political discussion that are non-negotiable for Catholics, and reminds the faithful of how cooperation with grave evils such as abortion can cause Catholics to be banned from Holy Communion. …

“If we let our faith impact on the way we practice a profession, engage the culture, or become involved in political struggles,” said Olmsted, “then we are accused of imposing our faith on others. … These contentions are often based on false understandings of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which in fact protects the practice of religion from coercion by the state, rather than limiting the religious voice. …

The Phoenix bishop has earned a solid reputation since his appointment in 2004 for his leadership in advocating pro-life and pro-family values.

Bishop Olmsted’s booklet is currently available for purchase online.”

That article (“Phoenix Bishop Publishes “Catholics in the Public Square” in Time for the Election Season” by Kathleen Gilbert) is at

See also these other articles about Bishop Olmsted:

You can see and hear Bishop Olmsted this week
on “EWTN Live” with Father Mitch Pacwa.
See for
the schedule of the live (October 15th) and encore episodes


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