A tireless pro-life advocate

Father Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, seems to work tirelessly on behalf of the unborn. In particular, he is doing as much as he can to help our country “choose” a pro-life president. In case you aren’t already familiar with his work, please go to this site http://www.priestsforlife.org/ and you’ll see the many areas he and his team handle.

(I urge readers to be cautious about some of the material, since that organization does provide rather graphic descriptions of abortion procedures. I agree that there are situations when using those words/images is appropriate, but that should always be done with discretion. Thankfully, those parts of the Web site seem to be labeled well enough to avoid clicking to them, so I am able to use the site without running into things that I don’t want to view — unlike other sites that put graphic images without any kind of warning.)

This link http://www.politicalresponsibility.org/ goes directly to the “Election Action Center” section. Please take the time to examine the resources there, and to put them to good use. The election is three weeks from today!

And here is some of the content of his recent email:

“Finally, before giving you my media schedule, let me introduce you to a Catholic version of You Tube. It’s called www.LoveToBeCatholic.com. Like You Tube, it allows you to post videos, comment on them, share them, and join online communities that bring like-minded people together from around the world. Doing all this is a powerful way to influence others and to share information and encouragement – and in this case, it’s thoroughly Catholic! Check it out, and see our Priests for Life channel that is highlighted on the front page!”

I haven’t explored that site, but since it is new (and is recommended by Fr. Pavone) I thought I’d help it become known.


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