Economy is not top issue for all voters

Despite whatever we will hear during tonight’s presidential debate, not all voters place economic concerns at the top of their lists of priorities. Remember that without life, nothing else matters!

We must work and pray that in this election, enough people place the sanctity of human life and marriage as their highest priorities. While I can understand how the worries of this world can overwhelm us, I am grateful to have the teaching of the Church to make it clear that the protection of human life is non-negotiable when deciding how to cast my ballot. I pray for those who try to find a way around that teaching. And I pray for our country to be spared from the changes that will occur if the deceptively-named “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA) becomes law, which Senator Obama is determined to promote if he becomes President. I’m not pleased with many things about Senator McCain, but he will do far more to protect innocent human life than to harm it.


Here is the opening paragraph of the article (“This Will Kill Us”) that prompted this post. The article is by Fr. Tom Euteneuer, President of Human Life International.

“More is at stake than just the economy in this presidential election season. In fact, the manufactured economic woes of our country are in some ways a smokescreen to keep our minds off the weightier moral issues that are not being talked about to any significant degree or in any depth. There real issues upon which our future as a nation depends are the life issues! To that effect, euthanasia, euphemistically called “physician-assisted suicide,” is on the ballot in Washington State, and if we don’t support those who are valiantly fighting this pernicious movement, this new virus of the culture of death could kill us all.”

Later in the article he lists ways that abortion is connected to euthanasia. You can read the full article at and learn more about Fr. Euteneuer’s organization at


Here is another article reminding us that the eternal quality of the “life issues” far outweighs the temporal nature of the economy. It’s brief enough that I’ll paste the whole article here:

Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today said that people cannot lose sight of moral priorities in the face of economic stress.

“No doubt, these are troubled times,” said Dr. King, “but it’s in troubled times that we especially need to remember what’s important. What the current economic meltdown should teach us is that our hope is not in the things of this earth, but in God.”

“If financial pressures cause us to stop loving our neighbors, to think only of ourselves, we have lost much more than money,” added Dr. King. “If we stop giving to charity, cease donating our time to help others, or, in the extreme, abort a baby for financial reasons, we literally sacrifice the eternal for the temporary.”

“Ultimately, what bring us the greatest rewards or the worst scars are the choices we make that have spiritual consequences,” said Dr. King. “In the end, we don’t look back at our lives and think of refinanced mortgages or stock trades, but of those we loved. Let us trust God and love Him by loving others in good times and bad. As my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, ‘The time is always right to do what is right’.”

The article is actually a press release titled “Dr. Alveda King: The Economy Is Temporary, Life Is Eternal” and is from Priests for Life. You can read it on their site at You can also read it at at least one blog site:


And here’s a portion of an article that reminds us how to handle these difficult times: “Stop, Drop, and Pray” by Mary Biever at

“…What do we teach our kids to do if they ever, God forbid, catch fire?  We tell them not to run blindly.  That will make the fire go faster.  We don’t tell them to ignore the flames – they still burn, and they still hurt.

We instead teach them three steps that we can all do now as our financial world tilts awry.  Those steps can be modified for our financial fire:





“Fast for Hope” and “Pray for Palin” are two Web sites focused on prayer for this election. Try them out as well as others in the “Prayer Resources” page of this blog and the various voting-related links in the sidebar.


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