Faithful Shepherds!

This seems to be a wonderful collection of the words of the U.S. bishops who have spoken/written about the meaning of “Faithful Citizenship” in this election. PLEASE READ! I’ve only been able to skim it so far, but recognize most of the names as those whose words I’ve already learned about. And the source site ( has been well on track before.

Election 2008: Catholic Bishops come out fighting

“This year the Catholic Bishops have really stepped up to the plate.  First, around 50 Bishops across the U.S. came out and soundly corrected Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden when these two ‘Catholic’ politicians deliberately distorted the Catholic position on abortion earlier this year.

During Respect LIfe month this year many Bishops around the country are clearly speaking to Catholics about their voting choices this November.  What they are pointing out is that abortion should be the most important issue as Catholics step into the voting booth.”

That’s just the introduction…. please go to the link below and find the quotes from these bishops: Chaput, Hermann, Farrell, Vann, Holley, Martino, Finn.


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