Adult Stem Cell Success: Times Two!

Actually, there are more than two successes, but this post highlights two in the news today. And guess what, at least one of the cable news networks actually aired a report about one this evening! That’s more surprising than the actual medical success, since many of us already knew that adult stem cell research is the way to go.

Two articles for you to read:


Adult Stem Cells used to Create
“Living Bandage” for Knee Injuries

By Hilary White


“Among the most common sport injuries in Britain, a nation of football (soccer) fans, is a tear in the cartilage of the knee. Every year, more than 80,000 people in Britain suffer tears to mensical cartilage. Repairs to knee injuries have until now been restricted to surgical treatments, including removal of cartilage and transplantation. The majority of meniscal tears are not suitable for repair and instead the torn piece is removed. Removal of the meniscus cartilage can lead to progressive, degenerative arthritis of the knee joint.

In the Bristol university experiment, cartilage-producing stem cells taken from 23 patients with knee injuries, were coaxed to grow and coat a sponge-like scaffold, made from hyaluronic acid – a compound that occurs naturally in cartilage. The scientists applied this cellular “bandage” to the inside of tears in knee cartilage in the lab.”


Adult Stem Cell Research Yields
Major Success in Patient’s Windpipe Transplant

by Steven Ertelt


“Doctors considered removing her entire left lung, but Macchiarini proposed the windpipe transplant. Scientists at Italy’s University of Padua prepared the transplant and doctors at the University of Bristol took adult stem cells from Castillo’s bone marrow from her hip and used them to create cartilage and tissue that could cover the windpipe.

Castillo, now the first patient to receive a whole organ transplant using her own cells, has shown no signs of rejecting the transplant and does not require any immune-suppressing drugs that have significant side effects.”


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