Being thankful matters

Wow, this article tells a story you might not catch anywhere else:

“Thanks-gathering at the White House” by Sylvia Dorham

Not only is the event itself impressive, but the generosity of the writer of the first comment (there was only one at the time that I drafted this post) is well worth noting. I hope that other people in the Washington, D.C. area will be able to offer similar assistance so that many people can participate in the January 17, 2009 “thanks-gathering” at the White House.

Don’t believe it when people say that President Bush “didn’t do anything” to help protect life! He did a great deal of work to promote pro-life policies and practices.

  • For those who can go and say “thanks” in person, please do.
  • For those who can’t go, please offer thanks in other ways:
    write or call to show your support for President George W. Bush’s efforts.

And for everyone: pray in thanksgiving for his leadership. No one is perfect, but he certainly has done much to defend the unborn.

May each of you
have a blessed and happy
Thanksgiving Day!


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