Planned Parenthood troubles

By now, you’ve probably heard some of the recent stories about Planned Parenthood. Here is a recap and a tv heads-up sent in an email from David Bereit and the “40 Days for Life” team:

The Planned Parenthood affiliate in South Dakota that was the focus of a 40 Days for Life campaign in 2007 just announced that due to their dismal financial situation they are laying off nine employees, including their state director.

The Planned Parenthood affiliate in Indiana that has been focus of two 40 Days for Life campaigns is under fire from all sides for a sick publicity stunt that backfired — holiday gift certificates that can be used for abortions.

Dozens of news outlets around the country are reporting that two Planned Parenthood affiliates have been caught red-handed on undercover videos demonstrating a willingness to cover up the statutory rape of young girls. Fox News will air one of the videos and discuss this scandal with Students for Life executive director Kristan Hawkins, TONIGHT, Friday, December 5, on “Hannity and Colmes” which begins at 9 PM EST.

Here are links to articles related to the above stories: 
= Planned Parenthood Lays Off Staff Over Economy, South Dakota Director Fired
= South Dakota Abortions Continue Falling, Down 5.5%, Most for Birth Control 
= Planned Parenthood Issues Christmas Gift Certificates: Give the Gift of Abortion 
= Second Planned Parenthood Considering Offering Gift Certificates for Abortions
= Video Expose’ Shows Planned Parenthood Abortion Center Hiding Statutory Rape 
= Indiana Pro-Life Group Wants Planned Parenthood Rape Coverup Probed
= Planned Parenthood Suspends Employee Caught Covering Up Rape of 13-Year-Old
= Second Video Shows Planned Parenthood Not Reporting Girl’s Statutory Rape



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