St. Michael – Defend us!

There is another prayer campaign that I was not aware of until today, although it started back in September.

“St. Michael Prayer Campaign for the Conversion of Abortionists”

Please read the article at Catholic Exchange then follow its links to the Human Life International site for more details.

Here are some excerpts.

Pope Leo XIII composed the powerful St. Michael Prayer to counter the greatest threats to the Church. Today the culture of death is looming over our world. The total number of victims of surgical abortion is now counted in the billions. This is an almost unimaginable evil.

Join with us, the staff, and worldwide collaborators of HLI as we offer up the St. Michael Prayer daily for the conversion of abortionists. Many parishes and communities have continued or re-established the venerable practice of reciting the St. Michael Prayer after Mass.


We have distributed over one million St. Michael prayer cards already.  … The cards are free — we only charge for shipping.

The article at CE and the additional information at HLI are all worth reading! Please learn more and prayerfully discern obtaining the prayer cards for your parish.

And please don’t forget to pray the St. Michael prayer yourself, at the end of every Mass!


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