Texans fight Planned Parenthood – and win!

The article at the following link describes multiple successes for the pro-life movement in different locations of Texas.

“Texas Takes Friendship to a New Level” by the Media Research Center


It’s an inspiring piece that also provides links to help other communities fight Planned Parenthood’s quest for dollars.

Here is an excerpt from “Section 3” of STOPP’s plan (found at this link: http://www.stopp.org/plan.htm#three)

When citizens begin to realize how much of their taxes wind up in Planned Parenthood’s bank account, they begin to ask questions:

  1. Is my local government contributing to Planned Parenthood?
  2. How can I find out how much Planned Parenthood is getting?
  3. What can I do about it?

As you consider fighting government funding of Planned Parenthood, you should understand that this fight is a bit different from others with which you may have been involved. This is not specifically a fight against abortion. This is not specifically a pro-life fight. This is not specifically a fight against all sex education programs.

This is a fight against government funding of a specific organization. It is you telling your elected officials you do not want any of your money going to Planned Parenthood. We will discuss this further in item #9 below. But here we want to emphasize the battle to defund Planned Parenthood. This does not mean that you can’t criticize Planned Parenthood for its abortion business or for its sex education or for its anti-life activity. It means, however, that the focus should always be on Planned Parenthood and its activities. The fight should always be based on the message that government officials have no right to give your money to Planned Parenthood. If you keep the issue clear, you will get support from all sides.

The Catholci Exchange article also describes successes in caring for mothers in crisis pregnancy situations, court rulings regarding murders of mothers carrying unborn children, and Bishop Alvaro Corrada’s (Bishop of the Diocese of Tyler) courageous stand regarding Catholic hospitals.


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