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Today I finally learned the correct way to embed video in a post! So here is a video to share. Fortunately, there are no images of abortion in it, only stories that may startle you along with amazing images of babies in the womb, waiting to be born. (If there were graphic images, I would not post the video.)

This video gives the reasons why the video’s author is pro-life. I don’t know the person, but you can go to the You Tube site if you want to find out more. However, if you go there, be prepared to see comments and links to other videos that you are likely to find offensive.

I’m not a regular viewer at You Tube, but have gone there when referred by other sites. I’m not entirely comfortable with referencing it because of the not-so-good things that are there, but hope and pray anyone who goes there uses it wisely. Now that I can embed video into my posts, you can see the videos here and not need to go to that site (unless you want to learn more about the author of a particular video, but remember to venture there cautiously).


Video Title: “Pro Life: The Argument Against Pro Choice”
(That’s the title according to the You Tube page.)

Opening Words: “A video on abortion to clarify my stance.”

Runtime is 8:29. Audio may be muted if you prefer to simply read the words on the screen. The first five minutes have instrumental music and the remainder is a song, but none of it has spoken parts that you need to hear.


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