More about Our Lady of Guadalupe

Here is another view of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is a photograph (i.e., rather than a painting) of the tilma. The photo is found at


That site has much information and many freely downloadable images. But one caution: there is a page that does have two images of babies after abortion. The images are about midway down (i.e., when you scroll) the page at this address:

They are shown with an article that describes the parallels between the human sacrifice happening in Mexico prior to Our Lady’s appearance there, and the modern day human sacrifice of abortion.

Here are tips to help you avoid seeing those images if you want to read the article and prayers on the page. (You will have to skip reading the end of the article, unless you cover the right-hand side of the screen while scrolling down.)

  • The title of the page is “Protectress of the Unborn: Our Lady of Guadalupe Versus the Culture of Death”.
  • Below the images is a section of the page with two of the many prayers available on the site. So if you click (i.e., in one of the indexes) to view the prayers named “A Prayer for Abortion Victims” or “Prayer of John Paul II for Life”, be cautious about scrolling upward on the page, if you prefer not to look at the images.

I am not aware of anywhere else on the site where you might run into that kind of graphic image. The site is definitely worth visiting, but wasn’t included in the list on Dec. 12 because it needs this caution to be stated.

Be assured that I will always try to warn you of such images when I’m aware of them. Please let me know of any that I miss. In general, though, I will avoid such sites.

But since the site has so much beneficial material, I think the link  is worth sharing despite the portion that is difficult for some people to see. Among other reasons, I really wanted you to see as authentic an image of Our Lady on the tilma as I can possibly share with you. There are many painted representations of it and (other than visiting the actual basilica in Mexico) the only way to see it is with a photograph.


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