Postcard campaign to fight FOCA

The time is nearing for the postcard campaign sponsored by the USCCB and NCHLA. The national dates are January 24-25, but some dioceses may use a different weekend. NCHLA’s site will guide you to the resources and the USCCB’s site includes letters (filed under “Testimony and Letters”) from Cardinal Rigali describing why the campaign is needed now:

The NCHLA page is a little bit confusing about where to click for the fullest information. Presently, there are three links labeled for FOCA.

  • The first two each mention the postcard campaign and go to the same page (to order materials). If you go to the order page, that seems to be all you can do there. Then click in the sidebar on the link to the Freedom of Choice Act. The resulting page will have many more options for you to learn about FOCA and what you can do to help stop it. 
  • Or, from the home page, you can click the third link referencing FOCA, and you will go directly to the page that has the most information indexed (including the order form link).

Also, since there seems to be no labeled link for “Home,” you can click the NCHLA log in the upper left corner to return to the site’s home page.

If you have not yet heard about this postcard campaign in your diocese, be sure to start asking about it! First, check with your parish priests and staff, and depending upon how much you learn there, check at the diocesan level.  Even if your parish can’t participate Jan. 24-25, there are later options so it is important to act quickly in order to not miss the window of opportunity to show solidarity across the country.

This isn’t restricted to Catholic churches! Please encourage family, friends, and anyone else you can talk with about this subject to implement the postcard campaign in their places of worship and in some cases maybe even places of employment. The postcards are worded to be non-denominational, even non-religious, so anyone who opposes FOCA would likely be satisfied with the message on them.

This campaign is especially important in states with Senators and/or Representatives who sponsored the most recent version of the bill. For a complete list of sponsors, go to Some of the states with the largest number of sponsors include:

  • California,
  • Florida,
  • Illinois,
  • Maryland,
  • Massachusetts,
  • Montana,
  • New Jersey,
  • New York,
  • Washington.

(That list does not take into account the ratio of sponsors to total seats in the state’s two legislative houses. I made the list by looking at the number of sponsors as shown on the NCHLA site.) Of course, with the new Congressional membership and the expected re-introduction of the bill, the exact sponsorships will change, but the present list is definitely a starting place for the constituents of those Senators and Representatives. When the bills are re-introduced, you can go to the official governnment site to see the new list of sponsors as it develops:

You might even want to take your research and action further, by finding out which of the sponsors is Catholic and which diocese he or she considers as home. Then write to the person specifically from a Catholic standpoint! We must do all we can to make sure that soon-to-be President Obama, the Congress, and Planned Parenthood know we won’t sit still for the loss of the protections that have been so strongly fought for during the nearly four decades following the Roe v. Wade ruling.

One more thing to pay attention to: Prevention First Act.  I’m just beginning to learn about this and it sound like a bill that could go through much more easily than FOCA would. Here are some places to read about it:

Last but certainly not least: PRAY!


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