Abortion Changes You

Sometimes people forget that men also suffer from abortion.  Here’s a story on a Web site from a guest on EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” episode that aired tonight. (The guest is the one who has the Web site http://www.abortionchangesyou.com/home. The following story is one of many submitted by her readers.)

http://www.abortionchangesyou.com/explore is the link for the specific story included below:

I was 18, my girlfriend was 17

(Author is unidentified on the site.)

I was 18, my girlfriend was 17.  I was in my first relationship.  We were using birth control.  I was stunned when I found out we were pregnant.  Looking back, I like to believe I would have kept our baby, but we had both been accepted at very good colleges in different parts of the country.  We talked ourselves into it “rationally,” reviewing all the impacts a baby in our lives would have.  We reviewed all the “upsides” and “downsides.”  It was very selfish.  It seemed like it would be so inconvenient to have a baby at this point.  How would we be able to complete our years at college?  I didn’t want to let my mom down.  We didn’t want to be judged by others for being so stupid as to get pregnant while still in high school.  We were a couple of the best students in our school.  I brought her to the unmarked clinic, and we never discussed it again.  We broke up a year later and while we occasionally touched bases over the years, we never spoke about it again.

I tried to forget about it, and largely succeeded, until I finally met my wife and we got married.  We were both in our mid-30s, and were worried that we might have trouble having babies like so many of our friends.  When our first son was born 9 months after we were married, I couldn’t help but think about my first son.  He would be 20 years old now.  I confessed to my wife about the abortion, and she admitted to me that she had one as well several years before we had met.  Four years after we were married, we have four beautiful children (including twins), and we thank God for them every day.

However, when we were pregnant with the twins, our “healthcare providers” tried to convince us that “selective termination” of one of the twins would be something we should consider because some tests came back that were “concerning.”  One in two chance of Down’s Syndrome.  The CVS test showed a chromosomal abnormality.  We were not going to have an abortion again, for any reason, but we were really put under some pressure.  I was pretty stunned.  We had both been down that road before.  Despite the pressure and suggestions we felt from these medical “professionals,” we had both twins, and they turned out to be healthy in every way.  I couldn’t believe we had been pressured like that.  It brought up all the old memories.

Please be sure to vist the site and read other stories. But more importantly, be familiar with the site so that whenever you learn of someone suffering from the effects of abortion, you can refer that person to the site which may offer the person the exact type of help he or she needs.

And yes, there are other sites to help with this kind of healing. The heading “Help and Healing” in the sidebar of this blog has links to such sites. It’s not a comprehensive listing, but is surely a starting place for anyone who is pregnant or has been touched by abortion.


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