One of many miracle babies

23-Week Old British Premie
Spared Abortion, Goes Home with Family

By Hilary White
Thursday January 8, 2009

LONDON, January 8, 2008 ( – A baby girl born at 23 weeks gestation who was brought home recently by her mother, has re-opened the debate in the UK over the legal gestational age limit for abortion. Sarah Slater, the child’s mother, told media, “We’re so glad to have Lexie home with us at last and it just shows how outmoded our laws on abortion are.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Slater said, “Some mothers-to-be would be able to legally terminate their pregnancy at 23 weeks – yet my Lexie is living proof babies can survive being born so prematurely.” Under British abortion laws, a child who is deemed healthy can be killed by abortion at the request of the mother up to 24 weeks gestation. If the child is judged to be potentially disabled, she can be killed at any time up to full term.

After only 22 weeks gestation, Lexie Slater-Folksman weighed only 1 lb, 8 oz. at delivery and was cared for by neo-natal experts with treatments including laser surgery for her underdeveloped eyes and a respirator to help her breathe. Lexie is now five months old and is at home with her parents.

“I never realized a baby would be so well developed at 23 weeks and they do have a chance of life,” Slater continued.

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