Exercising religious freedom

I spent a significant portion of this “Religious Freedom Day” (and other days, too) preparing for our parish’s participation in the “FOCA Postcard Campaign”. God-willing, we will have a good response from the people. Even though that is very important, I feel far behind in blogging. But other tasks do have their place so working on this blog has to wait more than I would like it to do.

Anyway, here are links to a variety of articles about different subjects. I’m not even taking time to sort them into separate posts and/or provide excerpts for you, since the WordPress site is running slowly and I can’t wait for it very much. This post is being composed (“compiled” is probably more accurate!) offline to be published whenever I can get back into the site. Whenever I can get this published, I hope that the links will be interesting for you!


“National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 2009” – A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America (See full text of proclamation at the link provided above.)

Some parting words from the man who hasn’t been afraid to live his pro-life convictions while being in charge of the highest office in our land!

See also at http://www.catholic.org/politics/story.php?id=31638. The sidebar there led me to
http://www.catholic.org/politics/story.php?id=31326. That site has more that I’d like to read, but can’t do so now.

Not sure what series of links led me to the following past articles which serve as predictions of what we may be seeing beginning next Tuesday upon the inauguration of a clearly non-pro-life President:



These are regarding the nay-sayers of FOCA:



One more thing that I almost forgot to mention: found out yesterday that the “Prevention First Act” has been introduced in the Senate — on the opening day of Congress! And guess who by: Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader.  Go to http://thomas.loc.gov
 and enter “S.21” to do a search by bill number. Keep your eyes on that bill. It is somewhat like a subset of FOCA (in terms of taxpayer funding and conscience rights) but because it covers fewer issues than FOCA I predict it can and will go through the Congress much more easily and quickly than FOCA. And I have absolutely no doubt that the President at that time will sign it.


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