About “Precious Feet”

This blog’s name represents three meanings.

One is indicated by the subtitle: It is important to pray at the sacred feet of Jesus. Eucharistic Adoration is one particular way to do so.

Another meaning refers to the “precious feet” pins designed by Virginia Evers and sold by Heritage House (hh76.com). This blog is not affiliated with them in any official way, but does support the work they do. For those of you not familiar with the pins, they are the same size and shape as the feet of an unborn baby at the age of ten weeks.

One other meaning of the title of this blog: to go out to the world and tell about Jesus and about the need to protect the unborn. Life is truly a precious gift from God!

 “How beautiful upon the mountains
are the feet of him who brings glad tidings,
Announcing peace, bearing good news, announcing salvation,
and saying to Zion, ‘Your God is King!'”

(Isaiah 52:7, NAB)


Here is a link to a site with stories about the effective witness of  the “Precious Feet” pins: http://www.crusadeforlife.org/precious_feet.htm


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