Amazing Images

THANKS to the Life Issues Institute for the images referenced below!!!! You won’t want to miss taking a long look at them!

“4D” is shorthand for “four-dimensional”- the fourth dimension being time. As far as ultrasound is concerned, 4D Ultrasound is the latest ultrasound technology. 4D Ultrasound takes three-dimensional still ultrasound images and adds the element of time to the process. The result: Live Action images of your unborn child.

As with all ultrasound systems, it can be used to research the following:

  • Determining the age of the baby
  • Analyzing development of the baby
  • Evaluating multiple pregnancies
  • Detecting structural problem with uterus
  • Detecting placental abnormalities
  • Detecting abnormal bleeding
  • Determining ectopic pregnancy
  • Detecting ovarian tumor/fibroids
  • Locating the placenta – You may have seen some of these elsewhere, but probably not every one of them.

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Here is a link to another site that has ultrasound images of babies in the womb. That site shows an ultrasound image for nearly every week from week 5 through 37!


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