FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act)

For now, this page will simply be an index to posts about the proposed legislation. This is such an important matter that I didn’t want it to be hidden among the other topics. As time permits, I hope to build up more resources here, but the main focus for me needs to be the election. If you find helpful information about FOCA that you think would be good to mention on this blog, please feel free to send in a comment with the details!


Particular posts to read:

Sept 26 – Choose the path that leads to life!

Oct 1 – FOCA – please pay attention!!!


To find all posts on this blog regarding the FOCA legislation, go to the right-hand column, scroll to the heading “Categories”, click the down arrow to read the category names, and click on “FOCA”.


Added on 11-12-08:

  (National Committee for a Human Life Amendment, legislative outreach of the USCCB)

  • United for Life, non-denominational but has good Catholics on its boards)



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